A top-level training and scientific program

to create a new generation of experts in the field of hybrid catalysis through experimental and theoretical tools for the conversion of renewable molecules into relevant chemicals.


Top-level training to instruct future leaders

Double doctorate degree in 2 different countries and multidisciplinary academic background

Novel design of enzyme-mimicking heterogeneous catalysts from synthetic, catalytic, spectroscopic and engineering perspectives

Competitive production of methanol from biomethane

Our research goal

DEMO aims to build an interdisciplinary network to respond to the main challenges in the developments of novel solid-catalysts mimicking enzymatic functions in nature.

To generate a diverse enzyme bank via biodiversity mining, tailoring methane monooxygenase (sMMO) sub-unit immobilisation / encapsulation on MOFs (SBU@MOF) and design enzyme-mimicking MOFs (EM-MOF) for the selective alkane oxidation via machine learning and high-throughput screening.

To elucidate the role of active species on alkane-to-alcohol reactions and their analogy to biological species by spectroscopy, catalysis and modelling, starting from C2-C4 alkanes and targeting CH4 activation.

To optimise the activity of EM-MOFs by integrating mechanistic data, high-throughput engineering (HTE) and solvation in capillaries.


DEMO will educate 13 DC via training to become future leaders, with strong interdisciplinary experience and connections via secondments, network-wide events and mutual exchange of samples/data. The 6 beneficiaries and 3 associated partners in DEMO, including >15 supervisors, merge world-class excellence and complementarity, supported by their research track record and training capacity. DEMO brings 7 distant disciplines together, synergistically exploited to generate unprecedented research and transferable skill training through joint efforts.